Don Kim


just flew back from LA.. off to lake tahoe! last meal in LA.. bomb food!! another day, another amusement park.. six flags magic mountain! :) spending the 4th of july at disneyland.. yes, please! :) fourth of july, at disneyland? yes please :) no idea what this is supposed to be but it looks cool! getting better at making lattes.. first time getting some sort of shape with the foam! :) i know i shouldn't but i can't help myself.. check out this awesome 도장 (korean signature stamp) i got yesterday! marble, with a tiger on it.. soooo awesome!! thanks! :) butternut squash pizza.. word.. enjoying some coffee while watching a huge seagull pester patrons :) gorgeous view! coffee cake.. yummmmmm ugh this picture does this dish no justice.. The Kryponite.. yummmmmm wanted to try this place for a while.. lol, picked up best of bay party.. tons of food, 12 open bars.. love it :) gorgeous.. found it wandering around on a bike.. :) cool, the jelly bean statue is up! can't wait to see what google announces tomorrow.. :) butterfly! having a beer at santana row with eric having lunch with eric homemade pasta for dinner.. nom ahhhh.. korean food.. :) sushi competition! epic sky #nofilter doing laundry at google nice, so happy there's one of these close by oh my goodness, i've been craving korean food!! found the android building with the statues of the different android version statues.. loved that i just spent twenty minutes biking around the google campus looking for it :) some in-n-out while watching the game.. awesomeness :) at a google offsite dinner in my introduction email to my team, i wrote that i don't like foods with textures that surprise me... and so, of course, one of my coworkers bought me this.. :) supposedly the best fish tacos view from the balcony right behind my desk all this, for less than 11 dollars.. and yes, that's kimchi in the corner.. :) the legs! at a street fair.. only in SF! at @rawrencia 's bbq.. getting some bacon love so i come home to find this in my room.. i wonder what @rawrencia is trying to say.. ㅡㅡ; 3rd bar.. pretty chill place german beeeeer! second leg of our bar hopping ah, beautiful SF riding the google shuttle to SF illy espresso pods!! love it! here's that slide, @ginac0lada