Don Kim


charging stations my welcome balloons, set up on my desk :) a (purposefully ugly and possibly abandoned) google bike :) black ramen.. @.@ Apple! huh.. I'm pretty sure I said s'mores!! rectangular crepes! nature! Stanford and the bay umm.. hiking pho after a couple rounds of drinking.. good shit at a pub near stanford bibimbab with law finally arrived at where i'll be staying for the summer in mountain view! tibby, you did done well, you.. almost 140K miles and you're still (mostly) going strong! :) Korean, American (?), and Texas BBQ (???).. on our way again to San Francisco, ETA seven hours! resting.. driving through oregon continuing with the theme of oversized food, insanely ginormous sushi! huh, did not know stumptown was started here oops, didn't mean to feature this lady.. ginormous pancakes in portland, as seen on man vs food! macadamia nuts from hawaii, another gift from my sister.. yummm look at what my sister got me from hawaii.. soaps to match my tshirt! lol last dinner in seattle for a while, with my sis oh god, need to do something about the lawn.. doing touristy stuff again, this time with eric the sacred tossing of the fish finally made it out to red mill, w0000t ahhhh, korean food again.. not sure why there's a turtle here or why I'm takin a picture of it.. yup.. the buffet wooooohooooooooo!! just rode the insanity!! had to order just one drink because the card machines at @PalmsLasVegas aren't working.. wtf.. late night korean bbq buffet.. maybe I should've gotten a corona..? oxygen bar :) bouchon french toast.. yumm at the cosmopolitan obligatory venetian shot.. at aria again it's been soooo long :) the obligatory bellagio pic purty.. :) only here.. :) i swear, i'm always at the furthest away gate.. bacon want food!!