Don Kim


ridiculous convertible smart car.. lol oh how i missed fourth appointment today!! sloppy joe with duck egg.. pig face nuggets! good beer! I like this neighborhood! lunch with lynch! even my toy monkeys are enjoying the sun.. (they bob their heads when sunlight reaches them) pizza.. it's what's for dinner! way too many camera icon apps.. :) how is this the only juice with a decent amount of vitamin c in it?? hmm.. can't really see the rain but it's rainy and sunny.. gotta love seattle meeting with the tenacity crew tomatoes, shrimp patties, and congealed pork blood cool flowers what my sister's hand looked like after dying my hair.. no, she wasn't delivering a baby.. having a nice glass of malbec.. noms.. red robin again :) can't.. stop.. posting.. pics.. of.. my.. cat! lol lol, ghetto fab :) scarlet making goo goo eyes at me.. :) leavin' on a jet plane.. wow, i can't believe i've never been up here before.. it's too bad we can't see mt rainier.. salty's brunch buffet! it's been a while, nibbana.. a better view of the fountain one of my favorite places in seattle :) my contribution to the gum wall.. the unibrow! lol eww.. lol, first time at the gum wall! just saw them throw the fish for the first time! the harry potter room :) the troll!! first time trying paseo.. oh my, it's goooooood, totally worth the half hour wait :) yummm, banzai burger.. :) look!! real life peeps! awww ducklings.. :) ah, the me against the tiburon battery.. I plan on winning! getting the ahhh.. i don't feel truly home until i get this beauty of a screen set up.. :) thanks, @cheddarbot ... i get to shower now with hello kitty shower curtains.. ㅡㅡ;; it's nice to be back (but yes, my yard is a bit of a jungle..) aww i missed you too! oh booya!! who needs a scale when you have last halal meal for a while.. totally biting @bryanbui .. done with my first year of business school! w00t! what a cool straw thingy