Don Kim


korean-style hangar steak, with kimchi fried rice.. not bad.. oysters!! i like the pattern :) studying at bobst today (apparently pronounced 봅스트) packing's a drag, but it's kind of cool seeing what comes out.. here are the musicals i went to this year :) i think i might have a twist tie fetish.. can't seem to throw these away.. :) sad.. it's time to retire my think gift card.. i love coinstar :) ughh, painful.... my old belt.. in an effort to recover.. gross wheatgrass shot!! aaahhhh... though I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle the raw wasabi octopus.. this is good for rejuvenating, right..? on a side note.. what a nice day! finishing up the night.. 3rd round!! end-of-year celebration..? not really a cool fortune but I wanted something to commemorate our end-of-year dinner.. soondooboo and beer.. not bad :) gorgeous day at the park doesn't quite capture how pretty the sky looks right now.. #nofilter yumm.. this pasta is much better than yesterday's.. what a nice day.. studying for my finance final.. -.-;; some weird button and thread thing.. I've been wanting this for a while.. whopper!! another man-date with sam :) stopped by Sam's on my walk up manhattan foundations of entrepreneurship group.. done with our final project!! w00t belated check-in of our EEX board meeting.. surprisingly good burger! brand strategy, block 4! (totally jacked this photo from Kirsti :) a picture with @profgalloway and Annie, at the Battle of the Brands party.. w00t!! Battle of the Brands, after party at this cool loft place.. thanks, @profgalloway! ippudo.. word.. shabu-shabu.. noms black straw don't know why this is southpark-inspired, but it's pretty cool! better late than never.. :) cool, a street fair thingy (not actually at school though..) third round!! round two!! Stern graduation dinner took a while to find this, no thanks to the unfriendly @parkermeridien valet person! ooh i want! baby octopus.. yummmm omG, I've waited so long for this burger.. the $26 black label burger!! morning panacea.. wouldn't you rather it said one of my most frequent orders.. sushi from To To Sushi! decent price (for NYC), fresh, etc