Don Kim


brilliant.. :) cool names for drinks.. brbon tumblr, sipadvisor, etc.. lol watching jazz.. just the thing needed for the LIO final tomorrow, right..? i like big.. :) second night in a row.. i do like this place though.. :) this morning's farm egg.. literally one egg looks nice, but super cold.. sad t-shirt day.. heh, a cab getting a ride, lol yessssssss... hits the spot finally, a good martini some yakisoba for dinner in the reading room.. :( study room 2-121.. :( rice liquor :) dragged here by some sternies.. crude oil water.. some sort of construction going on.. finally, IN the yotel omG... loved it!! busy couple of days.. :) view of the apple store from the 7th floor brings back memories.. :) bieber.. okay, fine, this is kinda cool, lol umm.. waiting to get into school.. yup.. :) apparently bieber is going to be at our school..? cool, passport day tent all set up in the plaza.. time to get all international :) passed by a taco bell on the way home and i could not resist.. doritos locos taco! i hate myself somewhat, but i love myself too.. :) cool building :) lunch at the park.. :) oh my God, yes!! this totally hits the spot :) professor galloway, passing around the torch of.. something.. before we start the brand strategy project competition ughh riding a bus home cuz of the rain.. cool, I just passed by mark cuban! (that's him on the left.. lame picture, I know.. :) at the gala on my way to the gala.. hopefully I'm not too underdressed.. i want that 1up mushroom.. lots of people here on 14th.. i give you best deal ever.. 8.50! (actually, 9 dollars for this beer and sake, and you're supposed to read this using russell peter's voice) listening to OMGPOP's story.. always fun to hear how company's succeed #SternEEXS12 did passport day start already..? enjoying a beer after turning in a major project.. w00t, so glad to be done with the project!! pigeon, soaking wet.. 5 pounds! word.. korean fried chicken can we have class outside?? i miss those days at UW where we'd actually have classes in the quad.. the one or two weeks it wouldn't rain in seattle.. at the final InSITE meeting first time here.. need to make it out here sometime.. *sigh* so sad.. after five years of near daily use, my earphones finally bite the dust.. RIP, you have served me well.. got my next pair of earphones coming in tomorrow :) preview weekend at stern! after giving a tour of the dorms, I thought I'd get some work done and came to school... bad idea, heading back home for a nap! :)