Don Kim


what a nice day! need to come here more often.. yeah! ATB!! on our way to ATB nsx, concept car hotness.. 멸치..? look, a Babak video I won in a raffle in my entrepreneurship class! :) Mayor Laguardia doodling in one of my classes.. guess which class..? :) mushroom sauce pasta had dinner with the one korean i know who dwarfs me.. yummmm.. mushroom burger.. enjoying the sun (kinda) in front of think coffee chicken pot pie! chicken lover mousse.. noms casualty of learning a new pen trick during class.. :) been craving bulgogi bibimbab.. sucks i'm eating by myself though! kimchi soondooboo finishing off the man-date with dessert.. fried cheese.. err, cheese croquettes huh.. i should open my blinds more often, it's pretty nice! what a nice day.. too bad I'm spending it at school.. playing some 4 ball.. pool..? cool, people playing ping pong at bryant park taking a breather at bryant park out for a walk.. good music, gorgeous weather.. it's nice to be out and about again :) at the #insites12 event.. super cool demo! it's live, go check it out!! amrish, kevin, and alejandro presenting Threadmatcher at the #InSITEs12 event feeling pretty sick.. decided to make myself feel better with some snacky snacks :) not just an april fools' joke, these adblock cats crack me up.. :) was knocked out most of today because of a migraine, just got up a little bit ago.. got some treats as a pick-me-up.. :) another doodle during LiO.. it's like winter all over again.. =\ most points ever! (yes, I'm playing games at school on a saturday..) more doodles.. love it! :) doodling in LiO :) kobe hotdog.. one-strapping it like the badass I am at school.. yes! *geeking* out about my new iPad! :) yessssssss.... something spicy! :) :) :) on our way back to nyc.. I'm ready to be back in the states.. :) last night in jamaica, mon! back to the real world tomorrow! view from our hotel lobby.. check out the ocean!! listening to some live reggae.. yah mon! more doodles.. :) the original 5 napkin burger..