Don Kim


last one :) another doodle doodling in class :) dduk-bokki and wings with blue moon.. bomb :) jja-jang-myun.. delish :) not a bad hot dog place! another sign that NYC loves me..? :) dessert.. :) monster ribeye steak! w00t!! all is right in the world again.. the halal carts are back! cool mural :) guess what's missing in this picture.. that's right, the halal food carts! :( i always get this when i come here.. bulgogi bibimbab! noms.. :) cool looking building.. huh, it's open.. need to check it out :) outback steak.. (mostly) yummmmm ughh ate all this at 1AM.. no wonder I'm becoming such a fatty.. T-T temporary apple store in SoHo.. I love the interior! they're selling LIN-sanity jerseys! appropriately set up next to the Lakers mannequin cupcakes! double shackburger.. word.. doing touristy stuff today :) yummmmm that's kind of a rad moped.. wonder what it is.. Korean cat.. represent!! noms.. :) bulgogi bibimbab.. nom nom on 14th st, west view kung fu tea!! still celebrating the new year, apparently.. tan tan men.. not bad a drink called maui wowie burger, with wild boar.. upside down elephant statue at union square :) walking back home from Rockefeller Center.. great day for a walk these are actually pretty good! kind of like starbucks whoopie pies :) late night munches.. could not be helped.. :) ughh.. snow in NYC too.. scarlet, poking her head out from behind the blinds.. :) omG, came out to get some coffee and nearly froze to death! it's 16 degrees Fahrenheit right now! :( i swear, if i get sick off of this again, i'm swearing off halal food.. Touchdown! (referring to landing in NYC..) will i get this whole row to myself..? the suspense is killing me! I know you can't tell by this picture but this escalator is not operating.. walking up/down non-operational escalators freak me out for some reason.. gonna miss this.. made it out to uvillage.. sad to see barnes and noble closed down.. eating at a sushi buffet with the family