Don Kim


the view from my temporary .. just a bunch of cases mysterious retail kit at verizon.. what could it be? I've always wondered about this logo.. ahhhh pho at my go to pho place.. how I've missed you.. ahhh good to get a massage again.. despite this store being open to 11PM, it's not a shady place.. :) heading back to Seattle.. twas a good trip :) finally.. In-N-Out!! calf's kidney and liver... :) whole baby pig.. looks good.. :) beautiful evening sky second trip to blue bottle.. yumm view from Law's law firm.. crazy nice! now this is pretty cool.. :) second stop.. Yahoo! first stop of the third day.. Google! last stop today.. SolFocus! second stop.. Intel! dun dun dun dun!! Peter Moore, speaking at our tang trek second day, first stop.. EA! view of the bay bridge from my hotel room coffee's pretty good here.. :) second stop.. TinyCo! first stop of our tang trek.. Zynga! checking into The W Hotel :) rolled in in a killer minivan, checked that in with valet.. lol just landed in san francisco.. been watching these guys load baggage onto these trucks the past few minutes, as we wait to get off the plane seatac artwork.. :) off to san francisco for the week! w00t yummmm.. red robin.. how I've missed you.. :) cool, a blink station too cute.. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ my cat, scarlet... always has to be sitting in a box.. :) ahhh.. the it's nice here during the holidays.. :) about to watch the girl with the dragon tattoo.. I don't remember the last time I saw a movie.. lol.. via @mattbrian unfiltered photo.. cool looking sky :) I missed pad thai from this place.. hot dogs with girdog :) oh I've missed this screen.. :) enjoying an illy coffee, waiting for my flight back home to seattle cleaning up stuff from the semester.. here are my stat cheat sheets... glad to get rid of them.. :) man, it is cold up here!! boneless ribeye and waffles.. yummmm hearing the high C.. :) freaky hallway.. they turned off half the lights!! mini bibimbab :) Korean BBQ.. yummmmmm my dorm building, from across the street by bravo pizza ughh, I've been here 12 hours.. but it's too cold to walk back... =\