Don Kim


the best food for this weather.. pho! lunch with Amrish :) looking west on 13th Dean Brandenburger, introducing Schmidt and Bartiromo #schmidtatstern Eric Schmidt with Maria Bartiromo w00t, last class of the semester!! korean bbq truck.. really good :) yummmmmmm steak.. look at the size of this thing! :) :) :) those fire escape stairways.. pork buns.. yummmmmmm *not* a can of diet coke.. a soon to be collector's item..? lol doing the touristy thing.. lol hmm.. a little flamboyant tonight, for some reason sushi with the InSITE crew crab rangoon.. yumm cool building behind my school don..? :) buildings, again.. and again, near the Kmart dilapidated buildings.. still functional apparently :) group project on a Sunday.. ㅡㅡ;; thought the cab was being festive.. I like the way it looks without ads! buildings at 3rd and 13th all this, for 10 bucks!! crazy! New York! I love these buildings :) I like how I'm standing at just the right place where this reflection fits the contour of the building so well :) at an early insite event oh scar.. ahhhh.. solid food! :) scarlet, in her new home (I miss my cat..) filling myself up with juice.. this should help, right..? as close to a sunrise as I've gotten in a while :) got food poisoning.. my remedy: chicken noodle soup! (not pictured) very cool.. you can take pictures using the volume+ button on your earbuds! love the autumn colors+the colors right before sunset.. :) basically the same shot I took earlier, only during the day note to self: gotta cut down on halal food! or, as I've heard it called, 13th floor hanging out with the palladium crew can't really tell from this picture but it's a beautiful crescent moon, all yellow yup, exactly what I want gracing the screen of my new #kindle #touch.. ㅡ.ㅡ;; chat between the founders of #groupme and andy from #usv pocket deal... this+drink for five bucks try the super spicy phaal curry here. finish it and you'll get your picture put on a wall, plus a free beer omG soo good!! what a gorgeous, albeit cold night! tastes much better than it looks.. Crowley and Wilson.. cool! at the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival.. looking forward to the talks! #nyuef