Don Kim


the other side of 14th st (I've normally taken shots of the west side) working on a Korean signature using just numbers.. this works, doesn't it? :) capping the evening off with some pomme frites they have wasabi ice cream here! it's worth a sample taste (though I couldn't do a full scoop of it) ramen!! gorgeous church from afar I see these DON stickers all over the place.. what does it mean?! at school.. 짬뽕 on one side, 짜장면 on the other.. quite possibly the best culinary innovation ever! :) the world's largest..? yummmmmmm ice skating at bryant park! finally, a case I'm (mostly) happy with Union Square-ish area from the 13th floor latte from a self-serve machine (not that great..) dessert crepe.. yummm gorgeous night :) you can't tell from this picture but I'm at a Korean restaurant. an absolute necessity my trusty think gift card.. put $20 on it to get a free medium coffee (I see it as a reverse rewards card :) scarlet, chilling with my sister.. I miss my cat! pigeon sleeping (hopefully not dead..) right outside my dorm building MacBook Air up front, MacBook Pro in the back wow, these rolls are good! my apparently the only best buy open 24 hours.. and it's a block away from me :) visiting Google on a TANG trek :) can't wait to get back and play with this bad boy.. :) on my way back from buying a new Mac! NYU! my view from the 13th floor yummy support the cure for breast cancer! got some free fruit :) I know I shouldn't but I can't help but eat me some halal food.. yummmmmmm econ class.. @.@ some lady stopped me with a sob story right after I took this picture.. wonder if she was telling the truth.. double mocha and a macchiato gorgeous day :) yumm, korean food :) rockefeller statue rockefeller chopstick holder thingies men's.. -1 floor (high C) kitties for adoption at union square pork-cheese-kimchi dduk-boke-ggi.. a monster dish! I love the fortune cookies at this place!