Don Kim


the arsenal.. ready for the zombie apocalypse halloween figurine :) scar scared of.. something just taking a short breather in one of these orb pod thingies in the android building same initials funny how just setting my desk up makes me feel settled in.. hmmm interesting.. not quite sure how i feel about this yet.. twasnt too bad.. ahh berkeley, it's been a while :) spidersquirrel!! toxic looking hot hot hotpot :) i almost prefer our floor's bathroom being full, it gives me an excuse to take the slide down to the floor below :) *sigh* gas is expensive did you know that that triangle next to the gas icon points to which side you put in gas?? learned this just a couple of months ago, mind blown didn't realize how genius these new fries holder is at red robin.. riding around this motorized trike thing.. oh the toys! :) cool! KitKat :) #nofilterbuthdr loving the colors right now the rainbow ends at google..? first time here this summer :) settling into my apt here in the bay area.. scarlet, a bit spooked, is settling in too :) one of my last meals in seattle.. happy birthday :) birthday dinner with the family :) huh, managed to fit all my books in one bookcase (some shelves were double stacked, but still) having lunch and coffee with randy and philip adolescent ducks :) homemade cong-gook-su :) had an awesome time wake boarding!! :) yummmmmmmm yes! pocari sweat-ing it up :) finally made it out to molly moon's :) preggers ice fish? best teriyaki ever.. word what is it with cats and keyboards.. at our near annual A.D.D. gathering :) upgrade on the soju star.. :) my best chicken salad yet :) peekaboo! scar lacking in aesthetics, but surprisingly really tasty :) heh scar.. red robin!! (and yes, that's @cheddarbot with broccoli..) the joys of driving... ㅡㅡ;; oh man, it's been too long.. man, cap hill has some cool places now! best. teriyaki. in. seattle!! watching these people put up the scaffolding without any safety wires.. @.@ last meal in new york.. :(