Don Kim


my favorite halal food truck, right in front of my dorm the chrysler building, from my local dunkin donuts decorated street lamps..? udon.. perfect for today :) man, when it rains here.. it pours!! out with the InSITE crew had a kimchi bowl. didn't dare eat it inside so I ate on the benches outside of school.. =\ stat class.. ㅡ.ㅡ;; oops, forgot to take a picture of my lunch.. heh beet salad! bears, beets, battlestar galactica! had too much coffee, had to go with the oj precisely where I want to be on a sunday.. my business cards, on top of my marketing case.. kimchi taco truck!! been a while since my last instagram post Kara Miso Ramen... yummm.. Gorgeous day in Vancouver! Genius.. :) Yummmm!! aww duckies! having lunch with helen Scarlet!! Scarlet enjoying the sun, a rare reprieve from the shitty weather.. yummmmm Cherry blossoms!! Cockatoo's Chicken Restaurant Sushi :) I like this 그림... ㅋㅋㅋ Heading home :) yummmmm In-N-Out... walking around in the rain.. :) With Law and Shannon :) Oysters!! Banana cream, coconut cream, quiche... yummm Bacon!! At Philz again. I like it! Hanging out with Law and Shannon :) 짬짜면 yummm Playing with the tilt shifting.. (not the best pic to try it on though) Had to share another one :) Last day here.. looking forward to going home though! No line! :) Having some OJ before the interview On my way to NYC Scarlet!! 육회 (raw beef) yummmmm.. meatball