Don Kim


so good, halal guys rooftop tinyass pool the aftermath.. these *are* donkeys that they use here for their carts, not horses, right?? the shadow girl the hand grenade! cigars in new orleans cool shadows TURTLE SOUP!!! whoa! the view from our hotel room balcony Louis Armstrong, folks! pomme frites!! view from this rooftop bar.. smoking cigars, drinking champagne, spending some quality time with my classmates.. ah, new york.. NYU Stern graduation at Radio City Empire State Building, purple in honor of our graduation :) having shake shack with the sister bone marrow, sea urchin, bacon.. drool soju eyeball fishie!! almost done with the cruise Statue of Liberty.. word another awesome... awesome..... WTC, Empire State Building, and a cool ass boat mba2 cruise wow tons of people here at washington square park today finally made it out to the friends building three types of risotto+a pizza sweet, 11 bucks! badass looking building cool building and the main course.. noms now *that's* a fat piece of bacon back in the states, w00t this no skateboarding sign looks like a displeased man cool block, cooler checkin place (heh) found google finally, a margarita with corona in it :) tim hortons.. had to croque monsier and beeeeer veal, word now that's just badass.. a robotic seat belt push arm thing.. badass! gorgeous weather :) inspiration.. last bite of my simple sandwich.. cheese, ham, mayo, a little tabasco :) made with Glitché.. awesome! another shark!