Don Kim


lamest soju art ever been a while, crif dogs dessert :) reflections.. nature!!!! gorgeous evening got this signed and numbered tasting menu from gordon ramsay's restaurant :) apparently these were motions captured while ramsay was cooking recreating my profile pic from the very same spot in vegas craaaaaab townhouse tower of appetizers it's been a while, ippudo the obligatory halal food pic.. can anyone guess what i'm watching? :) w00t, good night for bowling :) armin van buuren....!!! stopped by here fortuitously this photo doesn't quite capture it but this is what the Empire State Building would look like if it was in Tokyo :) that's a lot of duck on my pad thai seafoooood shark! (dolphin..?) not really sure what this is.. heh the angel's sling is more girly than i expected.. love this bar :) 'bout time i start taking care... thanks @cheddarbot :) halal.. it's been a while umm.. rabbit..? elevator floor studying..? (these shoes have nothing to do with studying, i just happened to buy them today :) soju star :) flaming amore llama breathtaking.. nasco lines, taken earlier sandboarding in peru outside our first hotel first meal in peru (umm.. not counting the burger king we had yesterday night..) best seat in the house :) yup, a test stern event at the library :) a week's worth of doodles :) filling my page with doodles.. @.@ dooooooooodles first doodle of the semester didn't know there was one in union square happy birthday, dad!! intestines and congealed blood.. freaking awesome sunrise google schwag :) kind of a cat..?