Don Kim


pasta with noona, nal, nal's hubz i love these lids not that i ride but.. well played :) think in korea 토속촌삼계탕.. bomb snails! :) raw beef at 5락실 actually 5락실 watching a woody allen movie in insa dong not soondooboo at insa dong at a chinese restaurant with relatives actually 한신포차 probably my favorite part.. ughh.. keep forgetting to take pics earlier.. demise of lamb famous clam stew spicy cow intestines, delivered, at 1:30AM.. freaking awesome :) a better picture sake in a cool jug meeting with some childhood friends 불고기 burrito.. not so good.. :( mos burger should've taken this pic earlier.. my messed up looking 팔찰떡 도미빵 omg so freaking good.. late night 짜장면 with Arthur posting this more to be able to find later than anything else having beer with 누나 enjoying decent last course.. stew from the leftovers.. :) the rest of the lobster lobster nigiri.. yummm heaven.. choosing which lobster to devour an interesting concept.. cigars in korea awesome view of Seoul (umm to the side) cool, think in korea having lunch with sam, word gangnam style? :) drinkin.. word :) now that's just ridiculous.. happy new year!! holy shit, this car is faaaaast creepy christmas (?) tree kimchi fried rice at a hawaiian place cheddar sleeping in the fold of bacon's legs bacon and cheddar, napping