Don Kim


ominous row of crows saiyan pineapple :) the nutcracker seafood brunch dessert :) seafood brunch :) mom-made kimchi ramen.. <3 at the R View.. a great view of seattle yes, finally!! :) stark yet purty ahhh.. seattle (sort of :) yes, eastside musashi! ughh kathy!! what have you done to the iPhone 5?? end of semester party, round 2.. cigars!! huh had no idea the grand central apple store was so.. integrated ramen bokki with egg yolk and cheese.. genius!! new filter, willow! huh another ktown crowbar for a bathroom lock.. they don't mess around! so good i had to come back again! looooove this riedel glasses :) F!! new korean restaurant wow it's starting to look good! gorgeous night suicide barrier looks kinda cool from this angle.. needed this.. :) oysters!! what a weird color.. #nofilter christmas @ bryant park christmas..? noms donkatsu.. a definition of definition finally made it out to moma building coming together jalapeño express woohoooooo!! having wine at a local starbucks :) doing touristy things in rainy seattle oh it's been so long.. :) w00t first day of boarding :) seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people?? how hard is it to throw your shit away?! my favorite bar :) new korean place.. not bad :) fonduuuuuuuee!! huh, pretty lagunitas ipa w00t! suicide barrier.. @.@