Don Kim


argh.. yay fun at school.. :/ huh surprised I've never tried this place before hippo truck! snow!! tiger stripe pattern :) spoils of a bowling bet :) put up a whiteboard at steve's place.. 무한도전x3 pretty cool that nyu is giving free warm food to students thank god for ktown.. gotta try this place next time ahhhhhhhh~~ stairways made of candy serendipitous first beer blast EEX party today at Slate! not sure what's going on here but it's pretty cool worms probably my favorite beer right now.. a bit late, maybe, but i'm hungry sooooo needed right now.. @.@ makkulli.. word dessert.. gelato wow.. :) paul-inspired no idea.. competitive cats love this hole in the wall sake place :) elk burger :) better picture.. -.-; taking a double decker bus tour BYOW.. delicious dinner rocky stairs!! looks too good not to post make it happen! noms cheesesteak cheesesteaks!! philly~!! might be a little too proud i finally got a golden badge.. hugo boss super sale.. not a bad haul :) i know i shouldn't but.. shabu shabu! w00t :) ummm.. only in new york? cut these with my fingernails :) tight, cigar bar :) noms steak.. tried not to eat this stuff this late but.. hey, I'm celebrating :)