Don Kim


eyeman, regressing wilting scarlet..? regress! 송편 and fruit from my day's friend for 추석 :) brunch in a new (for me) neighborhood sake! my favorite nyc bar a bird doodle strategy doodle :) new burger joint near school cuban sandwich!! 교포들 유나이티드!! ㅋㅋ residual plot rhino.. random curve texture.. TMNH!! 김D동O호N :) learning about bird hunting.. more relevant than you might think! camels! one reason i love NYC.. having drinks with sam.. 옙!! been a while, hookah super thin pizza fascinating.. beers with steve, ray, sam MGC doodle ughhh it's poooooouuuuurrring!! purty :) interesting wasabi.. never seen anything like it! lol cheese-kimchi-pork ddukbokki.. word.. had to settle for third floor cafe.. ㅡㅡ tastes just as not good as it does in korea.. at a kgsa party ippudo.. word up.. :) regression doodle 2 regression doodle soju+sprite = soprite (소프라이트) @.@ word.. shake shack.. :) daily doodle a lot of the bathrooms have been renovated (but we still have the problem of bathrooms being cleaned during breaks.. =\ ) grey dog.. word at moku with.. *drumroll*.. my buddy jaekun from seattle! at sam's place.. it's been a while instagramming my doodles again :) the famous debate.. easier to eat when cut in half or no? i resisted as long as i could but finally caved.. aww.. :) nutella on one side, cream cheese on the other.. genius!! the urbanlobster shack roll.. 'twas good but really tiny (and cost 13 bucks) lunchbox