Don Kim


having some late night chapagetti with my sister.. :) at the uvillage starbucks with my sister.. it'll be a while before i'm back here again.. =\ last night in korea, having freshly slaughtered eel.. @.@ having wine, cheese and fruit mini beer refrigerators in the table?? genius!! visiting google korea.. pretty cool how.. google.. it is here too :) having dinner with nal, noona, and min! :) wow, this is pretty cool.. here's how one of those restaurant pagers looks like in korea.. yup, that's a screen.. @.@ having dinner with the old man at 서울역 playing with cats at a cat cafe in korea.. I'm the only guy here.. ㅡㅡ awesome view of seoul from top cloud.. enjoying wine, music, and great company :) off to korea.. can't wait.. :) ahhhh.. i so want one of these.... a very well deserved wash for my tibby i love pho.. oh how i've missed you.. :) lawrence and shannon stopped by yesterday with cupcakes and a birthday card, and sang me happy birthday twice :) second to last day of work, going to bowl at a bowling alley at google.. :) cool! a praying mantis :) a birthday massage from google.. how awesome is that.. :) noms.... heard this is the best pho place in america.. late on google campus again.. i hear frogs croaking.. it's pretty zen out here right now.. law BBQ, 2.0 aaaaaaand, of course, i decide to have taco bell after a workout.. :/ nature! (yup, at work on a saturday) holy shit, how did i not know about this till now.. we have a clover machine here?! need to use this before the end of my internship for sure! :) just discovered this by my desk :) oops, need to post again.. purple deviled eggs! liter of hefe, outdoors.. w00t crab sandwich.. yummmm my hand.. it's humongous!!! yup, one lucky girl.. ;) cosmo, a googler's dog, LOVES carrots! :) kinda far up but still pretty cool.. what a great day :) hard at work.. :) working from the SF office again about to have some dinner.. what a nice day :) heading back to san francisco.. twas a good weekend :) awesome weather in seattle, w00t having lunch with peter ahhh homemade korean food finally got my google badge! pretty cool, pseudo-3D :) drinking beer at a beer garden..? shucked some oysters, had some beer, enjoyed the sun and bay.. ah oysters.. frog legs!! reading snow crash by the lake, waiting for the grill to open for lunch.. ;) last leg of the trip.. lake tahoe! it's been a busy couple of weeks.. :) first meal in tahoe.. yummmm